1. RV Tips

  2. Roads & Recreational Vehicles

    When the rubber hits the road:

    * Keep a close eye on curbs. A 5 inch curb can wreak havoc on your tires, rims, and hub caps.

    * Have a dark pair of sun glasses with you. During sunrise and sunset, sun glasses are indispensable for spotting hazards on the road ahead.

    * Consider the height of your unit. Most people are unaccustomed to driving a 12 foot tall vehicle. The height limitation signs you usually ignore are now VITALLY important. Many drive-thru's will not accommodate a 12' tall motor home. Bridges and tunnels must be accessed as well. But the thing that gets 99% of all RVers are low branches hanging over the roads. A branch can make deep and expensive scrapes and gauges along the entire length of the motorhome.

    *Take note of the winds. High wind days are tough driving, but if you reduce your speed to 55-60 mph it becomes much easier to control.