1. RV Tips

  2. Packing Lists

    RV Packing List ~ Cleaning and Sanitation

    * Large and small garbage bags

    * Dish cloth, dish soap, scrub pads

    * Towels, face cloths, Soap, shampoo, razors

    * Laundry soap, clothes pins, clothes line

    * Rags, shop towels

    * Cleaning solution (we use vinegar a lot)

    * Hand sanitizer, hand wipes

    * Tissues, toilet paper

    * Short handled broom and dustpan

    RV Packing List ~ Cooking and Campfires

    * Axe

    * Barbecue, camp stove, grill (check with campsite they might provide one for you)

    * Fuel for BBQ, stove, charcoal

    * Cooking utensils (flippers, grabbers, stirrers etc.)

    * Griddle, saucepans, frying pan, toaster, coffee pot, teapot

    * Fire starter, fat sticks, long handled lighter, matches

    * Newspaper or other non-glossy paper

    * Skewers, sticks for hot dogs, popcorn popper

    * Flame resistant gloves, Oven mitts, pot holders

    * Table cloth, weights or clamps, tooth picks, table lights

    * Plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, go cups

    * Knives, forks, spoons, Napkins, paper towels

    * Mixing bowl, Bottle/can opener, corkscrew

    * Cooler, Ice

    * Plastic containers, zip lock bags, foil, plastic wrap, wax paper

    RV Packing List ~ Food

    * Salt, pepper, spices, butter/margarine, cooking spray/oil, salad dressing

    * Mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish, hot peppers, pickles, olives, dips

    * Bread, rolls, hot dog/ham. buns

    * Coffee, tea, cold drinks, milk, juice

    * Eggs, cereal, oatmeal, pancake mix, bacon, sausage

    * Peanut butter/jelly, lunch meats, cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers

    * Limes, lemons, watermelon, grapes, oranges, etc.

    * Corn on the cob, potatoes, pasta/sauce

    * Salad fixings, fresh/canned vegetables

    * Canned beans, soups, spaghetti sauces

    * Chicken, pork, beef (make the marinate ahead of time at home)

    * Granola bars, cookies, chips, nuts, popcorn, fruit/pudding cups

    * Marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers = S'mores - a must have!

    Just in case, we always carry a can or jar of spaghetti sauce and a package of pasta as emergency rations. If we are delayed for some reason or have unexpected guests it comes in very handy.

    RV Packing List ~ Games and Recreation

    * Life jackets, Swimsuits, fins, goggles, inflatables with foot pump

    * Dominoes, cards, dice, board games, etc.

    * Boccie, Frisbee, Volleyball, badminton, kite, remote control toys

    * Baseball/glove/bat, basketball, soccer ball, football

    * Fishing gear, license, bait, Golf clubs, tennis rackets

    RV Packing List ~ RV Living

    * Compass, maps, DVD's for the ride

    * Outside mat to keep dirt out.

    * Lantern, fuel, mantles, Flashlights, headlamp

    * Insect repellent, Scented bug candles, batteries

    * Folding table & chairs(check with campsite might have a table already)

    * Camera, GPS, cell phone/charger, Swiss army knife multi tool

    * Warm clothing, wool socks, Rain gear, umbrella

    * Duct tape, gorilla glue, WD40, Small sewing kit, safety pins

    * Small shovel

    * Music - ipod,satellite radio, etc. Binoculars

    * Bedding - pillows, sleeping bags, blankets.

    RV Packing List ~ First Aid

    * Emergency phone numbers, poison control, Pen/pencil, paper

    * 1 First aid booklet

    * 5 Pair non-latex gloves, 2 Burn dressings, 5 Gauze pads 4X4 and 2X2

    * 2 Roller gauze, adhesive tape, bandages, antibiotic cream

    * 1 pair scissors

    * 2 Each hot and cold packs

    * Band aids (various shapes and sizes)

    * Prescription medication, Epi pens, Inhalers

    * Glasses, Reading glasses, contacts, sunglasses,

    * Aloe Vera, soothing lotions, sunscreen

    * Pain relief, Tylenol, Motrin, etc.

    Always pack a little more medication than you expect to need in case of delays.

    Print our list then highlight the items you'll be packing and add anything you must have that hasn't been included here.

    Always check your fluids, belts and tires before each trip. Unless you are renting a unit from the Fullers, in which case this has already been done for you. Also many of the supplies listed above are available in our Housekeeping Kit.