Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You must be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver's license. If you go to our website at you can request a quote anytime. However, we can accommodate same day rentals if needed. Please call 508-869-2905 or 1-800-338-2578 to speak to our office personnel and we will be happy to assist you.
We have 8 - Class A’s, 2 - Class B’s, 28 - Class C’s units to choose from along with 17 travel trailers, 2 toy haulers and 1 Destination trailer, 2 vehicle trailers. Please see our website at for details.
During any time of the year the minimal rental period is 1 day.
Our rental in-season is 4 months - June through September and our off-season is 8 months - October through May.
Yes, we offer a 100 miles per day for free, any miles greater than that will be added to your quote.
Yes. The security deposit is also your reservation deposit and is required to guarantee your reservation. The security deposit ranges from $500 - $5000 depending on the value of the unit. Please see our website at for details. This amount will cover vehicle damage regardless of fault or additional charges that may occur during your trip including but not limited to excess mileage or sales tax of that estimated. All rental fees are due 14 days before departure.
Your security deposit will be returned after 30 days upon return of the unit provided there are no parking tickets or fast lane violations or damage.
Driver & passenger seat people must be seat belted, no drugs or alcohol, as well as no distractions for the driver including cell phones. Like a bus, people behind the driver 16 or older can roam at the parent’s discretion.
We recommend staying in the far-right lane, except to pass, to eliminate trucks & vehicles passing you on both sides. Your convex mirrors should always be used when lane changing to avoid cutting off any vehicles smaller than you.
The fuel must be full, the propane must be full, the waste tanks need to be empty, the unit is clean inside and out and there are no damages or overages, missing equipment, etc.
Travelers Cks, Certified Cks,Cash or Bank wires, Credit cards and Personal Cks (14 days prior to rental).
It is a $200 additional charge per pet. Dog weight limit is 40 lbs.
Absolutely not. All our RV’s are 100% smoke free. A $500 charge will be deducted from the security deposit if there is any scent of smoke in the RV upon return, even if it is campfire smoke. Please monitor the windows and doors of the RV while there is a campfire as they should all be closed.
Yes. Use of the generator is $3.00 per hour charge after the first 2 free hours per day. Please be advised that the generator is a luxury option and is susceptible to service interruption and is considered not reliable therefore no credits or refunds will be made for the usability of the generator or issues with TV’s & satellite dishes. Generators should never be started or stopped under load, meaning the roof air conditioner needs to be in the off position before starting or stopping the generator. Serious damage will occur.
Yes. Please be advised that the motorhomes and trailers will be winterized so the water and the holding tanks will be completely drained to prevent the tanks and pipes from freezing and bursting. To dewinterize a $100 charge will be added to your quote. We recommend windshield washer fluid for the toilet.
Yes, by adding our plate number to your account online at, yoiu can avoid toll violations.
Just go to our website at you can request a quote anytime.
Most if any private RV owners do not hav ethe proper commercial insurance to be expecting money for the use of their private vehicle or the proper emergency road service needed nationwide, or even keeping up with any normal routine maintenance. Some of our last-minute rentals are "Pier to Pier" renters with major issues with the "Pier to Pier" rental. So Good Luck.
Yes, we offer not only delivery, set up and pick up, but also chauffeured driven service for the family that wants to leave the driving to us. Bobby has all the credentials needed for a safe trip, including bus license, passenger endorsement, medical card, CDL & 48 years of experience.
We have a special GPS for RV’s that will assist you by routing around tunnels (propane not allowed), height restrictions (low bridges), parkways, speed control, etc. for $50. We also offer a linen package that includes pots, pans, dishes, silverware, utensils, coffeemaker, toaster, camping chairs, linens, pillows that costs $180. We also provide a 4-bike rack in the receiver for $35 or even a hitch tote for overflow storage like your grill for $50. Each unit has campground directories, toilet chemical, butane lighter, spare fuses, screwdriver w/square bit, bubble level, 12-volt inverter, privacy curtain, water & sewer hoses, 30 amp or 50-amp cords and coax cable.
Yes, it's mandatory and depending on the unit you choose, it will take from 1 hour to 3 hours, and you can schedule your orientation days before your departure if it’s more convenient. Each unit is videotaped on departure too.
We answer our phone 24/7 for your convenience.
Vehicle Prep $80 - in season $180 - off season Mandatory Insurance $29.95 per day Tax fo 6.25%
30 days or more prior to pick up there will be a $200 handling fee charge 29 to 14 days prior to pick up the security deposit will be forfeited 14 days prior to departure the security deposit and rental fees are forfeited.
We have over 45 different floor plans and if we don't have the one you want, we will go to Indiana to get it for you ASAP.
For the most part, franchised RV rental companies buy their RV's stripped, meaning no awnings, steps, roof vents, no emergency start switches, DVD players, no hitch receivers, electric brake controls, no TV's inside or outside, no electric mirrors, portable inverters, no emergency supplies like spare fuses, no solar panels, or safety features like lane departure or collision control, Wi-Fi extenders, of left side right side or rear cameras, no leather seating and in some cases their class C's have only single rear tires to save money. Most franchise RV rental companies drop thie motor homes off at strategic locations across the country like gas stations, car lots, etc. for that establishment to rent as a secondary business and usually there is no one to clean or maintain the units between each rental or even answer questions effectively aboutthe unit yoiu have chosen. In our opinion, publicly traded RV rental companies sometimes register most of their units in states that don't require safety inspection stickers yearly so they can save time and money. They seem to care more about wrapping their entire RV with their logo for advertising to enhance their bottom line for their shareholders, than ensuring that you have your dream family vacation.
The water system has a freshwater tank & a city water connection. These systems can be used for everything but consumption. Bottled water is preferred. While filling the freshwater tank, do not leave the hose unattended because over filling will rupture the plastic tank & damage the unit. When hooked up to the city connection, use the water hose with the water pressure regulator supplied and turn off water pump for water tank so not to over pressurize the system.
All our untis hav enew tires and you are responsible for them. Some tips for not damaging them are, do not overload the vehicle meaning to many people or too much equipment. Do not hit or even rub curbing's, because that will cut the sidewalls, avoid all potholes because they will break the belts that keeps them together and round. Do not run over any road debris including animal carcasses or destroyed truck tires. Do not go over 65 mph because that is what heavy equipment tires are only rated for.
Even a small low tree limb will destroy the equipment on the roof including the AC, TV antenna, roof vents, etc. and will scratch the fiberglass sides, so always check clearances on top and sides and if the tree limb is going to hit, wait for on coming traffice to go by so you can move left to avoid it. Most damage happens in the customers own driveway or small country roads. Never lean anything against the unit because it moves every time people go in and out which damages the paint.
Yes. Be aware that plastic plumbing behind the rear tires can hit the ground and break. So, go slow and approach the incline on an angle to avoid scraping the ground or simply don't go up it. be aware of the distance from the rear tires and rear bumper because the more distance means the more tail swing you will have. For example, watch the mirrors when pulling away frome the fuel pump and even taking a right on red with traffic sitting on your left. The more you turn the wheel the more tail swing you will get.
RV refrigerators are quite different than household ones. First, they take much more time to recover for every second it is open. So, keep doors closed as much as possible. Second, you will damage the cooling unit permanantly if you park the RV unlevel, so if you bring the unit home to pack and your driveway is not fairly level, either level the unit or shut the refrigerator off until you leave in the morning. We are not responsible if you damage the refrigerator.